Who we are

BrightGreen Renewable Energy, based in Nairobi, works to create modern eco-friendly heating fuels. We design, produce and distribute carbonized and non-carbonized heating briquettes using recycled organic waste collected from different areas in Kenya. Our products are used as an affordable substitute, eco-fuel in Kenyan households and industries.



Our Journey

Founded in 2015, we sought out to help solve the ensuing energy crisis in Kenya. Charcoal and wood fuels are an essential energy source, catering for over 80% of its population.

Due to growing demand, production of charcoal has led to the destruction of our forests. A severe shortage of trees has caused a massive rise in the charcoal prices, with a 50 kg bag now retailing in urban areas for up to 30$.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

BrightGreen Renewable Energy’s work caters to low-income societies and our work’s impact has been felt in the following United Nations Sustainable Goals.