Life-Saving Fuel

for the most under-served communities


Transforming lives, through the kitchen

We are tackling a major global problem: cooking energy poverty for the world’s most vulnerable homes. Across the globe, over 2 billion people live without access to clean cooking fuel and rely on burning wood fuels to prepare their daily meals. 750 million of those are in Africa.

We believe everyone deserves a well-cooked meal so that they can achieve their full potential.

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kitchen kitchen

We are a trusted, ambitious, social enterprise
built to transform the lives of Africans
by revolutionizing their kitchens.


A good life starts with a good meal

MOTO ™ is a biofuel block that delivers on customers’ needs. MOTO costs half the price of woodfuel, outperforms it in energy, and creates a safer kitchen environment. MOTO is built to fit into the lifestyle of the most vulnerable communities. 2 bricks can prepare a family meal for a day.

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Revolutionizing Africa's Kitchens


Transforming waste into energy

We have built a circular economy that upscales farm waste into energy-rich fuel blocks. Our combination of proprietary processes gives us a competitive edge. We bring this innovation into communities through a socially conscious approach that optimizes adoption. Our agents, mostly women, have become self-supporting entrepreneurs through this project.

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Real solutions for real challenges

Our technology has been adopted widely and our work continues to reduce cooking energy costs in kitchens, reduce reliance on wood fuels which reduces deforestation, reduce biomass waste and build resiliency for all our value chain partners.

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